HPX-MSP-10 (discontinued)

10 Module Connection Port with 10.1" Panel

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The HPX-MSP-10 / HydraPort Touch Connection Port with 10.1" Panel is a 10 Module HydraPort Connection Port with a 10.1" Modero S Series Touch Panel built into the cover. By combining device connectivity and room control into a single unit, HPX-MSP-10 reduces clutter and saves space on the table top. Thanks to an elegant yet practical design, HPX-MSP-10 looks great in any room, from huddle spaces to large conference rooms. When closed, the unit sits flush with the table top to keep the meeting space neat and clean. When open, the unit provides easy access to the HydraPort modules and a full-featured Modero S Series Touch Panel.

The HPX-MSP-10 includes the same flexible configuration that customers love about HydraPort. It uses simple, interchangeable modules to put together the exact future-proof configuration you need today and tomorrow. It can accommodate any existing HydraPort module, including retractable modules, and is simple to install.

The HPX-MSP-10 includes a specially designed, ultra-thin 10.1" control panel that includes all the great Modero S features, including a brilliant 24-color depth, PoE connectivity, video streaming, and VoIP support – all at an economical price point.

Common Applications

  • The HydraPort Touch is ideal for conference rooms and classrooms with small to medium-sized tables
  • Perfect for a combined connectivity and control solution in lecterns and podiums

Configuration Tool


  Version Language Size Uploaded
Installation & Hardware Reference Manual - HydraPort Touch Connection Ports
updated: Mar 26, 2018
    1.25 MB Mar 26, 2018
CAD Drawings
Pictorial Drawing - HPX-MSP-10, 10 Module Connection Port with 10.1" Panel (DXF)
updated: Apr 06, 2018
    1.58 MB Apr 06, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - HPX-MSP-10, 10 Module Connection Port with 10.1" Panel (PDF)
updated: Apr 06, 2018
    192 KB Apr 06, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - HPX-MSP-10 / HydraPort Touch (DXF)
updated: Apr 05, 2018
    3.99 MB Apr 05, 2018
Pictorial Drawing - HPX-MSP-10 / HydraPort Touch (PDF)
updated: Apr 05, 2018
    318 KB Apr 05, 2018
G4 Support Files
version 3.3.62, updated: Jul 16, 2018
3.3.62     35.7 MB Jul 16, 2018
Install Guides
Installation Guide - HPX-MSP-10 HydraPort Touch Connection Port
updated: Mar 26, 2018
    796 KB Mar 26, 2018
AMX AV/IT Administrator's Guide
updated: Apr 25, 2018
    2.61 MB Apr 25, 2018
Product Guides
HydraPort Product Guide
updated: Apr 12, 2018
    355 KB Apr 12, 2018
Application Guides
AMX and the Perfect Meeting Room
updated: Apr 12, 2018
    426 KB Apr 12, 2018
Programming Guides
Configuration and Programming Guide - Modero S/X Series G4 Touch Panels HydraPort Touch Connection Ports
updated: Mar 30, 2018
    2.16 MB Mar 30, 2018
Safety Sheets
Safety Instructions - HydraPort Touch
updated: Mar 26, 2018
    151 KB Mar 26, 2018
Configuration Tools
HydraPort Connection Preview Configuration Tool
updated: Jan 11, 2019
    Jan 11, 2019

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  • Connectivity & Control in a Single Unit – Saves space and eliminates clutter by combining a full-featured Modero S Touch Panel with a HydraPort in a single unit that opens and closes
  • Ultra-Thin Design that Sits Flush when Closed – The Panel is made with high quality materials and a spring-assisted hinge that provides the perfect amount of assist when opening and closing
  • 10 HydraPort Connection Ports – Ample space for modules to connect, power and charge devices
  • Future-Proof Modular Design – Features a HydraPort assembly with the flexibility to change the modules to meet current and future needs
  • Powerful Graphics – Powered by the G4 graphics engine, the Modero S Series panel features streaming video and brilliant 24-bit color depth
  • Elegant & Responsive User Interface – Exclusive SmoothTouch™ display supports single touch gesturing and delivers responsive performance


Display Size (WH) 9.1" x 5.9" (230 mm x 149 mm), 10.8" (274 mm) diagonal
Viewable Area (WH) 8.5" x 5.4" (217 mm x 136 mm ), 10.0" (256 mm) diagonal
Resolution 1280x800
Viewing Angle Vertical: ± 85°, Horizontal: ± 85°
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Touch Overlay Resistive
Graphics Engine AMX G4
FG Numbers

FG571-09 (Silver)
FG571-10 (Black)